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lc_trThere are a couple of things you’d better keep in mind: Viewer discretion is viewer discretion (what do you think?), but rating (here) is some quality-based categorization—so it differs from the common term (that is, as viewer discretion). What!? No, I’m not her. Come on, folks.. Get real! Now zip up those stupid pants! I’m here to help. Just to make sure you won’t be as confused as the blogger is.

Viewer Discretion

██ 0 = (green)
██ 1 = (yellow)
██ 2 = (grey)
██ 3 = (black)
██ 4 = (red)
might not be necessary
is mildly advised
is advised
is strongly advised
is needed with utmost care
suitable for all (who can comprehend a movie)
might not be appropriate for many people, even adults
could be extremely sensitive or offensive

Rating Categories

very good
intriguing(-ly good)
sufficient(-ly good)
[no star]
sangat bagus
won’t be easy to make this one (any) better
(quite) powerful in substance / idea(s) / values
a movie with a (considerably) strong character
has / makes its point(s)

Other Codes (used in the Lists)

Titles in white background = limitedly colored (not necessarily black and white)
Duration = “-” means the movie is not in the database
Duration = “—” means the time varies (for a series)
(a boxed viewer discretion code) = unverbalized
Y = art house, or has some art house quality about it (y)


On many occasions, a movie could be considered as a product of more than one country. What country a particular movie comes from is mainly a matter of reference, since it is actually people—not a country (nor it is a nation), who made a movie.


As you must have noticed, this blog uses English and Bahasa (i.e. Indonesian) intermittently (sometimes simultaneously). Originally, this blog was intended to be in English. Then the blogger changed his mind (and you can see it keeps switching back and forth all over this site). Now you tell me about consistency!

– posters are (mostly) taken from or
– Tomb Raider / Lara Croft identifiers used here are by



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