– Bad taste

(subjectively taste-wise)

The movies on the following list might give you a bad taste, during or after viewing. Please bear in mind that a bad taste movie doesn’t necessarily mean a bad movie. Those are two different things.

Ai no Korīda
+(In the Realm of the Senses)
1976 Nagisa Oshima (*) 1:42 Y zcl Japan
Amarelo Manga
+(Mango Yellow)
2003 Cláudio Assis 1:41 gen Brazil
Bad Boy Bubby 1993 Rolf de Heer (***) 1:53 Y gen Australia
Baise-Moi 2000 Virginie Despentes &
Coralie Trinh Thi
+. gen France
Batalia en el Cielo
+(Battle in Heaven)
2005 Carlos Reygadas 1:34 hfl Mexico
Baxter 1989 Rolf Peter Kahl (*) 1:19 Y gen France
Caligula 1979 Tinto Brass
Giancarlo Lui
Bob Guccione
(**) 2:29 y hfl Italy
Disorder 2009 Huang Weikai :58 Y doc China
Exitus Interruptus
+[export version]
2006 Andreas Bethmann 1:54 hfl Germany
General Chaos –
+uncensored animation
1998 1:11 doc
Hotell E 1992 Priit Pärn :28 Y sho
Léolo 1992 Jean-Claude Lauzon (*) 1:46 Y gen Canada
Mondo Cane 1962 Gualtiero Jacopetti,
Paolo Cavara &
Franco Prosperi
(*) 1:47 zcl Italy
Santa Sangre
+(Holy Blood)
1989 Alejandro Jodorowsky (*) +. Y gen Mexico
Society 1989 Brian Yuzna +. y gen USA
Sublime 2007 Tony Krantz (*) 1:53 y gen USA
Théâtre de M. et Mme. Kabal 1967 Walerian Borowczyk 1:12 Y ani France
Turks Fruit
+(Turkish Delight)
1973 Paul Verhoeven 1:47 hfl Netherlands
Twentynine Palms 2003 Bruno Dumont (*) +. gen France
Un Chien Andalou
+(An Andalusian Dog)
1929 Luis Buñuel (*) :16 Y sho France
Vyhnání z Ráje 2001 Vera Chytilová 1:58 zcl Czech Rep.

Primary database class:
ani = animation; doc = documentary; gen = general; hfl = hemi-fleshy;
sho = shorties; zcl = miscellaneous class
(for other codes used in the list, see ‘Lara helps’)



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