– Fail

(subjectively taste-wise)

Although might (and I mean MIGHT) still have some good aspects every here and there, all in all, the ones in the following list are movies that I consider ‘miss by a long shot’. Those that failed to deliver.

Army of 52 {Justin Miller} 1:32 ilu USA
Bedways 2010 Rolf Peter Kahl 1:15 y hfl Germany
Black Swan 2010 Darren Aronofsky +. gen USA
Casino Royale
+[James Bond 007]
2006 Martin Campbell +. gen UK
Czech Rep.
Cha Mo
+(One Last Dance)
2005 Max Makowski 1:50 gen Singapore
Dokfa Nai Meuman
+(Mysterious Object at Noon)
2000 Apichatpong
1:24 Y gen Thailand
1998 Michael Cristofer +. hfl USA
Habitación en Roma
+(Room in Rome)
2010 Julio Medem 1:47 y hfl Spain
Hide and Seek 2005 John Polson +. gen USA
Inception 2010 Christopher Nolan +. gen USA
L’albero Degli Zoccoli
+(The Tree of Wooden Clogs )
1978 Ermanno Olmi 2:58 gen Italy
+(House of Tolerance)
2011 Bertrand Bonello 2:05 y hfl France
La Maman et la Putain 1973 Jean Eustache 3:32 Y gen France
Les Cauchemars Naissent la Nuit 1970 Jesus Franco +. hfl Liechtenstein
Le Pornographe 2001 Bertrand Bonello +. gen France
Lie with Me 2005 Clément Virgo 1:32 hfl Canada
Los Sin Nombre
+(The Nameless)
1999 Jaume Balagueró 1:35 gen Spain
Maicling pelicula nañg
+ysañg Indio Nacional
2005 Raya Martin 1:36 Y gen Philippines
Noksaek ŭija
+(Green Chair)
2005 Park Chul-Soo 1:43 hfl South Korea
Pornografia 2003 Jan Jakub Kolski 1:52 y gen Poland
Rötmånad 1970 Jan Halldoff 1:38 y hfl Sweden
Sest Medvedu s Cibulkou
+(Six Bears and a Clown)
1972 Oldrich Lipský 1:24 gen Czechoslovakia
West Germany
Surrogates 2009 Jonathan Mostow +. gen USA
The Adventures of André and Wally B. 1984 Alvy Ray Smith :02 sho
The Brown Bunny 2003 Vincent Gallo +. Y gen USA
The Core 2003 Jon Amiel +. gen USA
The Fountain 2006 Darren Aronofsky +. Y gen USA
The Good for Nothing
+(His New Profession)
1914 Charles Chaplin :14 sho USA
The Navigator – a mediaeval odyssey 1988 Vincent Ward 1:27 Y gen New Zealand
The Stand 1994 Mick Garris +. vse USA
Une Sale Histoire 1977 Jean Eustache :48 Y gen France

Primary database class:
gen = general; hfl = hemi-fleshy; ilu = illusion; sho = shorties;
vse = video/TV serial; zcl = miscellaneous class
(for other codes used in the list, see ‘Lara helps’)



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