– Vampires vomit

(subjectively taste-wise)

Have you ever felt being cheated by  a movie (yes, that sickening garbage you didn’t think qualified enough to be called as one—even as a bad one)? Or have you ever wanted to smash down a movie into little pieces for being so ugly? These ones could make even vampires, decent or vicious, vomit.

300 2007 Zack Snyder +. zcl USA
A Idade da Terra
+(The Age of the Earth)
1980 Glauber Rocha 2:28 Y gen Brazil
Coming to America 1988 John Landis +. gen USA
Carne 1991 Gaspar Noé +. gen France
+[UK version]
2006 Marina Abramović,
Matthew Barney,
Marco Brambilla,
Larry Clark,
Gaspar Noé,
Richard Prince &
Sam Taylor-Wood
+. Y zcl UK
Fuses 1965 Carolee Schneemann :22 Y sho USA
Ken Park 2002 Larry Clark &
Ed Lachman
+. Y hfl USA
Natural Born Killers 1994 Oliver Stone (*) +. y gen USA
The Secret
2006 Drew Heriot, with:
Sean Byrne
Marc Goldenfein
Damian McLindon
+. doc USA
The Velvet Underground & Nico 1966 Andy Warhol 1:04 Y doc USA

Primary database class:
doc = documentary; gen = general; hfl = hemi-fleshy; sho = shorties; zcl = miscellaneous class
(for other codes used in the list, see ‘Lara helps’)



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